• To find ways to reduce the morbidity and mortality from poisonings.
  • To represent Poison Centres as a group in interactions with public health and governmental agencies.
  • To set standards for poison control centre operations.
  • To promote scientific research in the area of toxicology.
  • To provide a forum for poison control centres and individuals or institutions interested in toxicology to discuss matters of mutual concern.
  • To establish educational programs for health professionals with an interest or involvement in poison control.
  • To set up, or to evaluate existing injury prevention programs and materials for the public.
  • To partner with the American Association of Poison Control Centres, to hold a joint Annual Scientific Meeting which attracts participants from North America as well as from other countries.
  • To represent Canadian Centres at the World Federation of Associations of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicology Centres.


The CAPCC provides a centralized forum for communication, information & idea exchange among Canadian Poison Centres. In 1998 a member newsletter "The Bulletin" was started and is produced quarterly. CAPCC members have agreed to a national Poison Prevention Week date, to coincide with the American Association of Poison Control Centres date in March and are developing a process of sharing resources to realize this collaborative educational promotion venture.